Tuesday, March 28

Help Comes For Man Seen In Viral Video Asking For Assistance To Return To Nigeria From India

By Ifeoma Okeke (Umunna TV)
Umunna TV understands that Ndi Nnewi have come to the aid of Nnewi-born, Anthony Arinzechi, the man who was seen in a viral video sleeping rough on the streets of India.

New photos have surfaced online showing the man in a care facility confirming that truly, help is on the way. According to Mazi Ifeanyi Nwosu; “Our brother, Mr. Anthony Arinzechi whose video went viral last week is currently at WOCKHADT HOSPITAL MUMBAI INDIA for medical treatment which our brother, Hon. Okwuchukwu Okafor, the Chairman of Nzuko Ora Nnewi India is taking care of”.

Mazi Nwosu also confirmed that Mr. Anthony Arinzechi, “will be home as soon as possible”.
Continuing, he said that Ndi Nnewi are not soliciting for funds on Arinzechi’s behalf and cautioned the public to “beware of ndi 419”, for according to him, “Nnewi zuru ka emee na nke a”.

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