Thursday, March 23

Airpeace And ‘Flight Delays’

By Chibuzo Nwabue 

The recent media onslaught against AirPeace is unfortunate. 

It is funny that some people Circulating and giving testimonies against #flyairpeace have never had issues or experienced any delays or cancelation with them but base their talks on hearsay.

Let me bring a little clarity. Flights are tied to an aircraft. So, once an aircraft experiences a delay, know it that all other flights tied to that aircraft for that day will experience delays automatically. It is a chain thing and when the delays stretches for a long time, one flight along the chain may have to be cancelled. 

These local airlines that do short distance travels have limited capacities they cannot go beyond. It is not like cabu cabu or road transport where you have standby cars lying fallow that you can use to save such delays.

These are things airlines might need to make a lot of us understand.

This issue of flight delays/cancelations is not peculiar to AIRPEACE but because they have more flight frequency and cover more routes than others, thus, it will always occur more in theirs.

However, mind you, do not get too emotional over things that you have not experienced yourself to avoid being a willing tool for the gimmicks of online influencers paid to de-market  a brand.

Ndewo nụ!!!

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