Sunday, May 28

‘Marriage no cost, na you wan wed like ritualist’…Ani Nnamdi Chris

A lawyer, Ani Nnamdi Chris has encouraged men to shun elaborate weddings and go for intimate events.

Ani, who got married in Port Harcourt on Friday, 4th February, 2022, revealed the modest expenses he had to make on his wedding day.

He said, “I got married on Friday at the Port Harcourt Marriage Registry. I paid a statutory fee of N15,500 and additional N5,000 for what the Registrar called ‘drink money’. 

“Thereafter, I hosted 10 guests (including my wife and I) to a beautiful reception at a lounge, PH.”

“Marriage no cost, na you wan wed like ritualist.”

Source: Twitter | AniNnamdiChris_

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