Saturday, March 25

Obiano’s Handover And Soludo’s Swearing-In Ceremony Will Be Brief, Without Any Fanfare…Adinuba

By Raymond Ozoji 

As Anambra citizens earnestly await the March 17th inauguration and handover ceremony, the state Commissioner for Information and Public Enlightenment Mr. C. Don Adinuba has said that the public is not invited to the ceremony as the event will be brief.

Adinuba, who spoke to journalists in his office at the secretariat complex Awka, explained that only very few persons with useful roles would be allowed at the ceremony which he said would be conducted in front of the government house.

He said, “The public, traditionally comprising entertainers and the rest who cannot perform any useful roles, is not expected. Of course, there will be a few family members, party and government officials as well as the media who will be served with finger foods, table water and beverages under one modest canopy. All in front of Government House. The entire ceremony will last some 20 minutes.

“Only the governor, his wife, Soludo and Soludo’s wife and a few others will be present at the venue.

“Soludo will wear canvas shoes made in Ogbunike,  Akwuete clothes with the sleeves rolled up and a pair of jeans to show he is going to work.

“Finger foods will be served which Soludo will pay for. He will also pay for media coverage from his personal pocket. The only thing government will pay for is security, if there is need.”

Adinuba also cleared the air regarding the rumour surrounding a certain bogus N500 million allegedly earmarked for Soludo’s inauguration ceremony.  He said such were blatant lies from mischief makers as no such thing ever transpired within the government circle.

He said, “Government never budgeted one kobo for it. Government didn’t even set up a committee for it. Government never gave contract to any ministry, government department or agency for it. So whoever is talking about N500 million is talking complete bunk.

“Not one kobo did the governor propose for the ceremony. The governor could only propose one kobo if there was a committee set up to determine the cost.

“Soludo himself even laughed when he heard of N20 million on a ceremony that won’t last more than 15 minutes. Nobody is invited to the ceremony.”

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