Monday, June 5

Man kills his best friend in Ekiti over thirty naira

By Michael Dilibe (Umunna TV)

It was a gruesome scene inside a beer parlour in Irona, Ado Ekiti, when a man known as Potable smashed a bottle and fatally stabbed his best friend, Amos Ayoola Ajayi, many times.

Ajayi, who was from Itapa Ekiti, and his assassin, Potable, were best friends, according to reports.

Potable was the best man at Ajayi’s wedding in 2014, according to reports.

However, the friendship was shattered on Sunday afternoon when Potable and Ajayi got into an argument over the sum of thirty naira.

According to witnesses, the quarrel had already been resolved, and Ajayi had returned to his seat to continue drinking his beer, unaware that his companion had gone to break a bottle, with which he stabbed him in multiple places, including his neck.

Despite the fact that Ajayi was brought to the hospital, he died later. 

According to witnesses, the suspected killer has been apprehended by the Police.

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