Tuesday, March 28

The World In Shock As Russia Bombs Targets In Ukraine

By Dilibe Michael (Umunna TV)

Russia has invaded Ukraine with an all-out attack from north, south and east taking place simultaneously, with missiles and bombs striking targets, including military bases, airports and ammo dumps.  

Armoured tanks and troops have rolled across the border from Belarus as Russian paratroopers landed in the east of Ukraine where rebel forces are also pushing out from the occupied Donbass region.

This is even as residents of Kyiv continue to troupe out of the city in their thousands to safety as explosions rock parts of the Ukrainian capital.

Less than a day into the invasion, military and civilian casualties have been reported as the United Nations and NATO continue to watch and ponder over possible sanctions and other possible actions against Russia and President Vladimir Putin.

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Photos: AFP, Anadolu Agency, Reuters, AP

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