Friday, March 31

Help Find Steady Idisi

By Ugochukwu Tony Oputa 

He’s a Rotarian and he went for a Rotary Function at Asaba last about a week ago.

It was confirmed that he checked out of his room with a friend on Sunday last, and that was the last that was heard of him.

However, new updates indicated that his digital signal was last transmitted in Anambra State.

Update from over the weekend from investigations showed that him and his friend had tried to travel back to Port Harcourt on Monday unaware of the sit-at-home order by members of the IPOB.

It is said that the had an encounter with the sect at ihiala where an altercation occurred and his friend was shot. His friend’s body has since been identified at Nnamdi Azikiwe Teaching hospital morgue however, the whereabout of Mr. Steady is still largely unknown.

This is an appeal to everyone with any useful information, to please reach out and help.

It is a very sad and unfortunate incident, however we keep hoping for the best outcome.

Below are contact numbers to reach out to;


1. PAG TEMPLE ONYEKWENA.               08037994316

2. AG  STANLEY NSOFOR.                       08101966198

3. AG SAMUEL ONOYUNGBO.                 08063483058

4. RTN. REGINALD NNOSHIRI.               07084777406

Thank you.

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