Tuesday, March 28

Apply for the Creative Economy Free  E-learning Programme!

Are you a Musician, Writer, Artist, Dancepreneur, Comedian, Fashion designer, Movie Producer or Game Developer? Or do you want to build a thriving business in the creative industry? 

The Creative Economy E-learning training is for Aspiring/Early-stage Creative Entrepreneurs in Music, Fashion, Creative Artistry, Comedy, Theatre Arts, Movie Production, Game Development, Dance & Festival Production etc.

*This training is absolutely FREE of CHARGE!*

Brought to you by Futuresphere BI Hub, #StartupSouth British Council and Microsoft 

The CEEP training is scheduled to hold virtually and at a physical location in Owerri (Imo State) and Port Harcourt (Rivers State). 

Details are as follows,

    In-person training will hold

    7th – 10th of March 2022 (South-East) and

    14th – 17th March, 2022 (South-South)

    Virtual training will hold

    14th – 17th of March 2022 (South-East) and

    21st – 24th March 2022 (South-South)

Registration links:

    South-East: bit.ly/se-ceephubs (For those in South Eastern Region of Nigeria)

    South-South: bit.ly/ss-ceephubs (For those in the South-South)

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