Friday, March 31

They put up tollgates on the 2nd Niger Bridge, which is only 1.6km

By Kingsley M Chukwu 

They put up tollgates on the 2nd Niger Bridge, which is only 1.6km. 

The 3rd Mainland Bridge in Lagos is 11.8km with no tolls, if governmnent wants to recover money it should be 3rd mainland bridge. It is still Nigerians that will pay, either River Niger or 3rd mainland bridge. 

No tollgate on Abuja Kaduna highway, no tollgate on other roads. Second Niger bridge is just little above 330 billion naira. As it stands, no federal road has existing tollgate, River Niger should not be exemption.

Gas pipeline from South to North, Niger republic, Mali etc with only one mega station in the North cost 2.1 billion dollars. Some railways in the North cost over one trillion naira, yet somebody had the gut to put tollgate on 1.6km bridge.

Just because of the same bridge, Buhari’s administration took a loan of 22.7 billion dollars and excluded the South East in the sharing of which some North states received over one trillion naira

I can’t hail that rubbish

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