Friday, March 31

The Igbos Of Jamaica

Jamaica witnessed the influx of the Igbo race between 1790 and 1809 during the transatlantic slave trade.  

The modern Igbo race dwelt in the Bight of Biafra in Nigeria. It was from here that the Igbos who were kidnapped and sold as slaves by the Europeans were taken to work on plantations.

During this period, the Igbos, due to their inability to speak the language, introduced some of their words which have now become infused into the Jamaican Patois.

Some of these words include:

Unu– You people

Ima osu (Jamaica) Imu oso (Igbo)- to hiss by sucking your teeth

Akara (Jamaica) Akàrà (Igbo)– bean cake

Soso (Jamaica) Sọsọ (Igbo)- only

Jamaica’s history cannot be discussed without mentioning the influence of the Igbos.


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