Monday, June 5

So Much Anger And Bloodletting In The Land

By Fred Chukwuelobe 

There is so much anger in this land. There is also so much blood letting. Yet, there is so much tolerance.

The people are so angry that you’d think everybody will abandon our politicians in protest. No. Instead, they follow them just to remain relevant and benefit from the crumbs that fall from their tables.

Write one sentence against any of our politicians and watch as ethnic and tribal jingoistic elements take on you. Their anger is subdued once it is their person you’re criticising.

You think the fans at MKO Abiola stadium, Abuja yesterday were protesting the loss of the Super Eagles to the Black Stars? No. They were expressing their anger against this country. 

Thank God the match wasn’t played in Lagos. The ubiquitous social miscreants popularly called area boys would have vandalised cars and robbed motorists. 

Since the days of the #EndSars, they have not had another big opportunity to loot and maim. The Super Eagles loss would have afforded them another opportunity. 

This country is directionless. Imagine the audacity of terrorists with our security chiefs threatening to deal with them. Threatening. They operated two straight days and will continue. They received only fibble threats. 

They are emboldened by our lack of action. They were once paid by the governors to stop killing. Today they’re having a field day and the Nasir El’Rufais of this world are hamstrung. They enabled them.

It appears to me that we are living in a country owned by terrorists. We should get out and go find another country. 

Even 2023 will not change anything until we change everybody who was put in place unjustly and until we wage a full scale war on terrorists and their enablers. 

Anger is not just enough. Destruction of public property is also not enough.

We need more than these; more than mere protests at nobody in particular.

We need to learn. This country is going down by the day.

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