Sunday, March 26

How Nigeria Police Officers Forced Uber Passenger At Gunpoint To Transfer N1.2M To POS Agent Working With Them

By Harrison Gwamnishu

Emmanuel Chibuze was in Uber when he was stopped by police men on checkpoint at Alakpere, Lagos, Nigeria, and later forcefully whisked away where he was forced to transfer 1.2million naira to a POS agent working with them.

> No statement

> No police station

> No crime

He was threatened with AK-47 rifle and out of fear, transfered as they instructed. 

We have been able to gather evidence of the transaction and the details of the POS agent and ready to use all available legal means to arrest, prosecute and get back this stolen money from these men. 

Dear Inspector General of Police, THIS MUST not be allowed to continue. 

Please investigate thoroughly and ensure these rogues are apprehended. 

Harrison Gwamnishu is the Director Society Against Brutality & Director General Behind Bars Human Rights Foundation. 

Whatsapp: +2349068773333 

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