Saturday, June 10

Why is Kaduna a Sitting Duck for Terrorists?

By Farooq Kperogi 

It has just been reported that least 11 soldiers have been murdered by terrorists in Kaduna, a few days after the same terrorists bombed two Kaduna-bound trains in quick succession, murdered and kidnapped scores of passengers, and gunned down soldiers sent to rescue passengers. 

And there was no consequence for this.

So far, the only person who has paid a price for it is Sheikh Nuru Khalid who was fired from his imamship for speaking up against it and asking for accountability. 

Recall, too, that some months backs, terrorists invaded the Nigerian Defense Academy in Kaduna, killed some soldiers and abducted others without the slightest resistance.

Why is Kaduna such a sitting duck for terrorists even though it has more military formations than any city in Nigeria? It is, for all practical purposes, Nigeria’s military headquarters. 

What sort of military becomes reliably powerless, helpless, unresisting, and subdued before terrorists?

Something is definitely amiss!

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