Friday, March 24

Asari Dokubo on Arise TV

– Tinubu built Lagos. He is my candidate but he is old and weak.

– Atiku put Nigeria’s economy on the path of progress. He brought Okonjo Iweala etc. He is my candidate but it is not the turn of the North.

– Peter Obi only built boreholes and roads in Anambra. He achieved nothing.

– Did Wike say he wants to be president? Somebody that carries cutlass up and down should not be president.

– Amaechi budgeted $3 billion every year as governor but Port Harcourt is still a glorified village, a slump

– Yahaya Bello is young. If he couldn’t pay salaries, it is not his fault. It is because Kogi does not make enough IGR. 

– It’s so disheartening that Southerners can’t stand their ground and say it’s their turn because they’re afraid of their Northern counterparts.

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