Sunday, March 26

The people that hailed the unknown gunmen can now see how these hoodlums have almost turned Anambra into Somalia

By Nnamdi Juddy Atupulazi 

Many people who hailed unknown gunmen as they attacked security officials and destroyed public structures thought they were hailing freedom fighters. 

What they didn’t know was that they were ignorantly hailing people who had devised plans to hide under Biafra agitation to profit from large scale terrorism. They didn’t know they were hailing enemies of progress who were bent on ruining the economy of the south east with violent enforcement of Monday sit-at-home which the IPOB said (several times) that it had suspended. 

While these terrorists were unleashing terror, they spread the lame narrative that it was DSS and Fulani people perpetuating the crimes. The hailers believed them, even to the extent of condemning Soludo’s move to end Monday sit-at-home. 

Now that Soludo has started to speak to the terrorists in the language they understand, people’s eyes don dey open. They can now see that the people being arrested are neither DSS nor Fulani people. They can now see how these hoodlums have almost turned Anambra into Somalia. 

Ride on, Soludo. 

Anambra will succeed.

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