Thursday, March 23

Osinachi: Nobody Should Live With Domestic Violence Until Death

By Fred Chukwuelobe 

Pardon me, but any woman who allows herself to be so wickedly treated and remains in that marriage has herself to blame.

I don’t believe in ‘for better, for worse, for richer, for poor and until death do us part’.

I support divorce when it gets to irreconcilable differences, leading to constant beating by either side. 

I am in favour of divorce. Unapologetically. 

You won’t treat my sister like that unless I am a weakling.

The day you’re tired of my sister to the extent that you will be beating her, dehumanising her, please call us to come and carry her back.

The day you’re tired of marrying somebody, for whatever reasons, please send her home. Don’t beat her to extent that she dies and we begin to speak grammar, like we are doing on this singer. 

Who the hell is her husband? Didn’t she have relations? Even if they’re poor, don’t they know where agberos are? 

Get them, pay them to teach the man some lessons and he won’t try beating anybody ever again.

What are we talking about? Why did she endure the beating and the humiliation? 

Because a pastor said what? Because she believed that a miracle would happen? Which miracle?

Miracles still happen. But not when one closes their eyes to reality.

And reality is, nobody should live with domestic violence until death.

Nobody should.

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