Thursday, March 23

Chilling With The Big Boys

By Dr Emmanuel Utomi

This is Ifeanyi and Precious Okeke. Precious was Ifeanyi’s girlfriend. 

Ifeanyi killed Precious and had sex with her corpse for 6days.The babalawo had told him to have sex with the corpse for 7 days. He promised Ifeanyi that he would be a mega millionaire on the 7th day. Ifeanyi was however exposed on the 6th day by his neighbours who could no longer stomach the stench emanating from his apartment. 

When the Police came for Ifeanyi, he tried bribing them with 6 Million Naira to “die the case”.The Police rejected his offer. 

Ifeanyi and Precious were living in an Estate in the Ajah part of Lagos. 

Satan will lure you, deceive you and expose you. The babalawo certainly knew Ifeanyi would be caught. And Ifeanyi was a mumu man. Who keeps a corpse at home for 7 days? 


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