Friday, March 24

Amaka Obi: Like Father, Peter Obi

By Celestine Ebubeogu

Like father, like daughter; Noble, frugal, humane, modest, prudent, winsome, sweet-hearted and compassionate.

As the only daughter of a very rich and influential man, she once, a couple of years ago, wanted to return to Agulu to teach in any of the primary schools in their village but was reminded of the possible hazard, because of the challenging insecurity today in the region. 

So she got a job teaching children in a Catholic school in Ikoyi Lagos on a meagre wage. One day, dad came home to see a note left by his teacher-daughter explaining why she had to take N50,000 from dad’s wallet for an urgent pressing personal needs. Of course, dad was surprised but with a smile. For that was the first time she touched his wallet and, of course, she had to explain. That’s, again, who she is.

In a chat I had with her dad in his Onitsha GRA residence last year, Mr. Obi, who’s my neighbour and my chairman, explained why they never for once pressed her about getting married all this while. Because, according to him, most marriages out of such pressures usually end in divorce. 

Today, we are all happy she’s found her own loving partner to build their own home.

May God bless her marriage with everything their hearts desire, in absolute love, in Jesus name, Amen. 

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