Sunday, June 11

Questions On Chrisland School’s Trending Video

By Ify Onyegbule 

I first watched the video of the little girls mother saying her daughter was raped.

Then I saw the video of the girl who I hear is just 10 years- old…riding the boy, her classmate…like adults do in porn movies and she was having a great time!

Who advised her mother to go on social media?

Many Questions arise…

What kind of irresponsible teachers will leave children alone in a Dubai hotel?

Where did the girl learn those moves she was making and where did the courage come from to be stark naked amongst and before 3 boys (there could be more) in that room.

Who is the boy rolling his waist on the bed like he would be able to afford baby food when a baby comes and where did he learn to hold a woman’s hips like that?

These kids were conscious and they knew what they were doing! 

What kind of a father abandons his role and leaves the raising of a child, his daughter to his wife or teachers in school?

How can a mother not know her 10 year- old inside out?

What kind of a mum gets a call from her child’s school (as she said in the video) and decides that she will come to see the teacher when she returns from where she was going?

What kind of parents think that Money can do everything they want including raising well behaved children? 

How does it happen? Who is decieving you? 

What kind of environment is it with where she lives, her home? Who taught her to Gbensh like that?

Can government do more than shutting the school down?

Hmmmmmm Parents, jungle don mature o…you need to start talking to your children about sex early enough and let them know the implications of their actions if they become S-active earlier than expected!

May we not lose all that we have suffered for by not having time for the people we are working for! 

How do I “unwatch’ this video? 

God help us!

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