Saturday, March 25

If EFCC Can Invite Obi Cubana, They Should Also Invite Any APC Government Official That Buys Their Presidential Nomination Form For N100M

By Reno Omokri

Let us look at this matter objectively. The EFCC saw a multi millionaire private businessman called Obi Cubana spending millions during his mother’s burial, and they invited him for questioning. If EFCC don’t invite any APC government official that pays the ₦100 million APC Presidential nomination for questioning, then they are biased. 

How can a private multi millionaire with known businesses be a suspect in EFCC’s eye, but an APC government official earning ₦12 million per annum buying a ₦100 million Presidential nomination form is not a suspect. Please someone explain this logic to me. Maybe I am nodding something! 

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