Friday, March 24

Governor Nyesom Wike’s Pitch To PDP Anambra State Stakeholders And Delegates Concerning His Presidential Aspiration

“I know your son Peter Obi is running, but the issue of Nigeria’s presidency cannot be taken from the All Progressives Congress through theory. PDP need a man who has what it takes to practically engage and wrestle this power from APC”.

“Even APC as a party knows that the game is up the moment I have the PDP ticket. The energy inside me is too much and I want to use it to serve my country”.

“That is why I solicit your support despite the fact that you have barely 40 votes since you do not have a state working committee currently”.

“Do not waste your vote on someone who cannot win. Give it to me so I will win the presidency for PDP and employ competent hands that would run the country like a democratic entity”.

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