Monday, June 5

Letting All Of You On Dialysis And Chemotherapy Know That Freedom Is Around The Corner

By Emma Ugolee

The doctors were worried enough to call up his family enquiring about “next of kin and power of attorney.”

He had been clear about not wanting to end up a vegetable after all the risks of the complications about his kidney transplant surgery (due in a few minutes) had been explained to him. Was it time to pull the plugs as agreed?

Family could only pray. He was helplessly unconscious and doctors had done their best. Was a 10 year- wait for freedom from dialysis going to end up in death?

This is a real life scenario from a hospital in Washington DC, U.S.A, happening exactly one year ago on the 24th of April, 2021. 

So this seems a perfect time to celebrate that I did wake up from that comma 3 days later. Some 35 days later, after so many more trips to the theater and procedures that included chemotherapy, the doctor said those 4 magic words :”You can go home”. He said that it has been hell for the new organ and he couldn’t guarantee how long it would last. I smiled because this was a familiar battle ground in my journey. “The clinical prediction versus the heavenly blessing.” The score line often did shock the doctors 

Well today it’s one down and many many more to go. 

1 year of no insane expenditure, 1 year of no ambulance trips to the emergency room. 1 year of no more shortness of breath. 1 year of being so grateful to God. 1year of no dialysis. 

Speaking of which, I woke up one morning sometime last year and rushed to the bathroom. I was running late I thought as I got into the shower. Late for what? 

It was when the running water was mixed with tears that I realized how grateful I was. As it had hit me that It was my auto response to running late to dialysis that was no more.

Happy 1year Anniversary to me. 

Letting all of you on dialysis/chemotherapy etc know that freedom is around the corner. No giving up for us. I’m waiting for you on this side.

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