Saturday, March 25

APGA Media Warriors Forum National Cordinator, Obigwe, Calls For The Disqualification Of Hon. Carter Umeh

By Ifeoma Okafor (Umunna TV)

The National Cordinator of APGA Media Warriors Forum, Evangelist Chinedu Obigwe, has called on the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, to disqualify Hon. Carter Umeh, member representing Aguata 1 constituency in the Anambra state House of Assembly from the ongoing screening of House of Assembly aspirants.

In a viral WhatsApp message, Evangelist Obigwe said;

“As APGA commences the screening of House of Assembly aspirants today, I say it boldly that it will be a miscarriage of justice if Hon Carter Umeh is not disqualified.

To the best of my knowledge, Hon. Carter Umeh was among the saboteur lawmakers that plotted the death of APGA and failed.

He joined APC with his fellow saboteur lawmakers and did all their possible best for APGA to die.

That APGA survived the evil plot hatched against the party during the last governorship election is by the special grace of God, and it is also because of the fact that Governor Soludo that is APGA
flag-bearer for that election is the one anointed by God to succeed former Governor Obiano in office.

After all we passed through, those that plotted APGA’s death and failed rejoined the party for the purpose of using the party platform to return to the House of Assembly. APGA leaders and faithful must not allow that to happen.

I advocate seriously for the disqualification of Hon. Carter Umeh. He must not be allowed to return to the House of Assembly on APGA platform.

He cannot eat his cake and have it back. APGA must demonstrate that they value loyalty and committed to rewarding it.

We have those that kept faith with the party that should be rewarded. It’s not all about money because our current Governor Soludo has enormous goodwill and those that will emerge APGA candidates for the 2023 general election can leverage on his goodwill to win their election.

What I said now is the right thing to do and if it’s done , it will boost the morale of APGA faithful.

I say a big no to the return of Hon. Carter Umeh to Anambra State House of Assembly, and I also say a big no to the empowerment of those that will later turn to become Governor Soludo’s headache in Anambra State”.

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