Saturday, March 25

Whoever Hates Hypocrisy Must Condemn Peter Obi

By Mazi Ejimofor

In responding to the premeditated misinformation from the stables of Mr. Peter Obi and his media minions on the Sabmiller propaganda, I would love to feed us with some historicals, drawing largeley from Okey Ndibe’s many exposés on the man Peter Obi and his many subterfuge;

1. Anambra And The Politics Of Propaganda By Okey Ndibe (2011).

“Last week, Governor Peter Obi of Anambra received unflattering epithets when he intruded on a rally where state workers were discussing his unpopular proposal on the implementation of the new minimum wage. A wise governor would have sat down to listen to the concerns of the workers. Not Mr. Obi. He commandeered the microphone, talked at the workers at length, and then proceeded to leave. That’s when the workers unleashed a torrent of insults”.

2. Governor Obi, Obienyem: Merchants Of Lies By Okey Ndibe (2011)

“One might as well state it as clearly and pointedly as possible: Governor Peter Obi of Anambra and Valentine Obienyem, the man who runs Mr. Obi’s sordid propaganda machine, are merchants of lies. In fact, Mr. Obienyem, the governor’s Man Friday, is a depraved manufacturer of falsehood”.

You can read the full articles cited above on the Internet. What is sad is that many years after, Peter Obi and Valentine Obienyem are still the same “Merchants of Lies” and purveyors of the “Politics of Propaganda”. How they wake up to this, is one reason Peter Obi’s political voyage after he left power in 2014 has remained an unfortunate circus show where Obi is merely an Entertainer, deft in sizzling his unwary listeners with what has become popularly known as “Chinese Statistics”.

To attempt to ascribe outright falsehood to a Soludo, who in recent time, is one of the most active State Governors on Social media, tells you how gullible Peter Obi and Valentine Obienyem think ndị Anambra are. This is quite sad. How Obi has continued to encourage non-existent impressions about himself must be subjected to scholarly research.

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