Tuesday, March 28

I support IPOB’s agitation but I won’t condone violence… Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike

“My problem came, which I will not compromise with. They came to my state and burnt every infrastructure — the courts and police stations. The state put money in building the courts and everything; you came and burnt everywhere. Not only are you burning everywhere, you said we (referring to Rivers state) are part of you. And I said ‘no, don’t do that’. That is not correct.
“I support the agitation. I support that there is injustice against the south-east, whether anybody likes it or not. We should sit down and discuss it. What did I do wrong?
“When you are now coming to say ‘burn everything there (referring to Rivers). We own everything. I’m a governor.
“I asked them a simple question — ‘do you need to kill everybody in my area and burn down the infrastructure simply for me to say I’m with you?’ I said no.”

Source:The Cable

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