Sunday, May 28

No More Political Appointments, Governor Soludo Tells Anambra Stakeholders

By Tony Okafor

The Anambra State governor, Prof Chukwuma Soludo, has foreclosed further political appointments by his government, stating that funds in the state’s treasury can no longer afford such luxury.

Soludo said this on Wednesday, 4th May, 2022, during a town hall meeting with Traditional Rulers, Presidents-General, Women Presidents-General and community youth leaders across the state.
Soludo had recently appointed about 20 commissioners and a few other aides.

Addressing the stakeholders on Wednesday, Soludo said he would rather employ new teachers and health workers to make up for manpower deficits in state schools and hospitals.
He also assured of consolidation of projects of his predecessor despite paucity of funds, stating that his plan to make Anambra Dubai-Taiwan would require cooperation and sacrifice of all residents of the state.
He said, “Today marked 49 days we assumed office. This is the second time we’re calling this meeting to keep you abreast with our commitment in transforming the state. We’ll call you again in 100days.

“Our first duty is to resurrect Onitsha. Onitsha must rise, being the Obi of Ndigbo. Almost all gutters in the city are all filled up. Distilling of Sakamori has commenced. All houses blocking the river must come down.

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