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Hon. Obi Nwankwo, The Game Changer For Awka North And South Federal Constituency

By Fidelis Nwammuo

The decision by Hon. Obi Nwankwo to run for the House of Representatives, Awka North / South Federal Constituency has elicited excitement in the hearts of many people in Anambra State, particularly indigenes and inhabitants of the Federal Constituency who have unreservedly hailed that decision.

Why has Obi Nwankwo’s declaration generated so much interest and resounding applause? The answer is simple. In plain language, Obi Nwankwo , a politically sagacious and vivacious gentleman to the core, an amiable, reliable, trustworthy, kindhearted, public spirited, God-fearing individual is largely perceived as the people’s man.

A philanthropist of note, always willing to share whatever he has with others, that has been his trademark anyway, a generous care – giver, indeed his empathy for the less privileged is infectious. The many young boys and girls, beneficiaries of Obi Nwankwo’s scholarship, the innumerable young adults who have been encouraged and empowered by Obi Nwankwo to learn different trades and vocations, many of them provided with start up capital, the market women, across the two local governments whose trade have been boosted by financial support from the quiet Honourable, the youth that have been helped to secure employment in Anambra state and beyond, both in public and private sectors are all waiting to reciprocate Obi Nwankwo’s life changing gestures.

Together with their families and kindreds, and communities, they will turn out in there numbers to support this professional in politics with a sense of vision and mission.

A man of impeccable character, and unblemished integrity, driven by unrestrained passion for service, Hon. Obi Nwankwo derives immense pleasure and joy in helping others. That’s why in his eight years in Government in Anambra State as Honourable Commissioner of Science and Technology, Public Utilities, and Environment, he left his mark, devoted his time, gave his all to better the lot of Ndi Anambra.

His clarity of vision gave meaning and real essence, at least in the physical, public space, to Anambra’s description as light of the nation. He lit up the entire roads and many streets in Anambra State. Many people started referring to him as Mr Light. Many Communities in Awka North & South Federal Constituency benefited and some had transformers supplied to them.

His mission to the House of Representatives is to give the federal Constituency a voice, for Obi Is not that legislator, that will be lost in the National Assembly, that will not have the courage to present before Nigerians what Ndi Awka North and South want.

Obi Nwankwo has the courage of his convictions and the audacity of his belief, that Awka North and South Constituency deserve the best. He is going to the National Assembly to ensure that Amansea- Oba Ofemili, and Okpuno – Amanuke – Achalla roads are constructed with despatch. The bills and motions, are going to reflect the true concerns, anxieties and aspirations of the constituents.

No longer, business as usual, where the federal legislator is on a frolic of his own. His representation is going to be a full pact and partnership with the people of the federal Constituency.

We trust that Obi Nwankwo’s reservoir of goodwill, social and political capital will be leveraged on to bring to the people real dividends of democracy.

Awka North/South Federal Constituency deserves Obi Nwankwo’s magic on the national scale.

Obi Nwankwo, the game changer, seasoned public administrator par excellence, Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International, a great alumnus of University of Nigeria, Nsukka, is our man.

Hon. Obi Nwankwo, please carry go, nkea bu nkeanyi.

Fidelis Nwammuo is a public affairs analyst.

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