Thursday, March 23

Ikedi Ohakim And Okigwe Senatorial Seat

By Kenneth Ebirim 

It is being speculated that Ikedi Ohakim is planning to run for Okigwe Senatorial seat in the National Assembly. I have no problem with that because it is his constitutional right but my question is; When he comes to us for votes, what shall be his bargaining chips as a former governor; as per what he did for his zone. A man who could not even “patch” the only road in front of his house to our LG headquarters. 

Come to Isiala Mbano LGA headquarters and confirm if you can point to  any signature of Ohakim’s four years as governor of Imo State. As long as Osuh, Isiala Mbano, Okigwe North and Okigwe zone are concerned, Godson Ikedi Ohakim is a a capital failure. Those urging him on are simply seeking for their stomach infrastructure. 

What or how can they canvass support for him?

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