Sunday, June 11

The Days Of Doom In Igboland Are Here

By Charles Awuzie

I’ve decided not to say anything on social media out of emotions so I am going to make this post void of my emotions or sentiments but based on logic and Truth.

(1) The people who killed this couple are IGBOS – they spoke Igbo fluently. Their fluency in Igbo shows that Igbo is their mother tongue. Anyone who says that the killers are not Igbos is evil minded and is capable of twisting the truth to protect their sentiments.

(3) The biggest risk of that video is that the killers did not mention IPOB or ESN. So IPOB and ESN have both denied playing a role in the killing. This is a risk because everyone who is Igbo will now bear the blame and shame, because in truth, the killers are Igbo people. Slowly, what I feared most has come upon us – a time when IPOB and ESN will play innocent and the rest of the world will place a label on the entire Igbos as terrorists. This is what every Igbo person is risking. This is what happened to peaceful Muslims when a few people spoke their religious language during and after carrying out acts of terrorism against humanity. Today, the entire Muslim community is treated like they all signed up to the few seeds of evil. I can tell you that the most peaceful and loving people in my circle are Muslims but they have been wrongly labelled. This is what will soon happen to every Igbo. If you want to travel overseas and mention that you are Igbo, they will suspect that you are a terrorist. UK is showing some signs of this already. USA will follow.  

(3) The time of speaking up is over. Our voices are already drowned. The days of doom are upon us. This is the day of hiding our heads in shame and fear. These are the days of full blown slavery of Igbos in Igbo land. If you talk, you will meet the same end like the rest. 

(4) The people have crowned killers their heroes. In a land where their heroes have blood in their hands, intellectuals will hide their head to protect their brains from the slaughter table. If you want to measure where we are in this evil evolution, check if anyone is still speaking as boldly as we used to. In 2 years from now, it will officially be HARAM to mention IPOB or ESN besides praising them. They are our new ‘heroes’. They are ‘innocent’ of whatever is happening in Igbo land. As a matter of fact, in the next 2 years, if your son gets kidnapped by Igbo criminals, you will Publicly blame Fulanis even if you know that your son was kidnapped by fellow Igbo brothers.

Unfortunately, the days of doom are here.

Mondays have turned to Public holidays. Investments are leaving Onitsha to Asaba.

La N’udo Private Gloria Matthew and MWO Audu Linus. May your blood hunt those who defend those who killed you.

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