Thursday, March 23

Meet The Oyibo Yohanna Maigona Running For Governorship In Plateau State

By  Uche Nworah, Ph.D 

The Nigerian diaspora community have always made Nigeria proud by participating in politics in their host countries. 

Many have contested and even won some elective positions in the past. For example, the current Chief of Staff to the Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Ernest Ezeajughi, from Awgbu, Anambra state, was once the Mayor of Brent Council in the United Kingdom. 

However, we haven’t seen foreigners and naturalised Nigerians throwing their hats in the ring in the political space in Nigeria. 

This is why the news of Dutch Nigerian, Yohanna Maigona, declaring interest to run for Plateau State Governorship is eliciting interest online. 

Yohanna, we understand, was originally born Wiebe Boer in Jos, Plateau state. He speaks fluent  Hausa Language and has spent all his life in Jos according to a Facebook post by Francess Olisa Ogbonnaya. 

From his campaign flier, it is not clear under which political party he plans to run but, we wish him all the best, assuming this is for real and not some online joke and kite flying. 

Succeed or not, his joining the race will encourage others and will help promote political integration of settlers in Nigeria.

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