Tuesday, March 28

Are The Rich Becoming Too Liberal With The Career Choices Of Their Children? 

By Ozii Baba Anieto 

In the past, the rich had a structured plan for their kids. They desired to raise Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers. In those days, career paths like photography, sports, and even some university degrees were considered as inferior. 

The society saw any child from a wealthy background that chose such path as rebellion. That is why most creatives from wealthy backgrounds always faced the question: ‘What was your parents’ reaction when you told them of your dream?’

The likes of Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Charley Boy Oputa faced such queries every time they met the press. But today, things are different. The children of the rich are toeing career paths the rich of the past believed were for the commoners. And their parents are supporting them.

The son of Governor Soludo, Ozonna, is a musician, and his daughter is a fashion designer. Adedeji Adeleke gives Davido every support he needs. The billionaire Otedola allows his girls to live their lives, and knowing that Peter Obi’s son is into acting came as a surprise to many that expected a man of Obi’s disposition not to be flexible.

Knowing that the world is changing so fast, one is inclined to ask if the rich are becoming too liberal, or is this new trend an indication of where the universe is heading to?

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