Monday, June 5

Awka, Anambra -Based Filmmaker Michael Chinaeme Ike Shares His Experience In Kenya

Kenya was a very unique experience for me and i also got to meet so many amazing human beings and visited lots of exciting tourist sites despite the short time we had. 

Our movie shoot was a success as well. I can’t wait to share the outcome as soon as we can make that available to the public. 

MWANA MTUNDU The Movie is a blend of Nigeria’s Nollywood and Kenya’s Riverwood. A blend of English, Igbo and Swahili Languages. A comic thriller that would give you all the chills! 

On this journey, i am trusting my guts and pushing through every obstacles I find standing on my way. Through these little impacts, we hope that soon, the world will hear our voice and our story will be told on the big stage.

To my very good friends, Dishon Obok Kimberly Nabalayo Tyrese Obok Victoria Wachaga Peter Ngila Njeri Djamille Kibotto and others. It was really nice to finally meet in person! Sadly, the time was very short as I had other engagements to return to back home… however I do hope to visit again. Thank y’all for being such great hosts! 

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