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Confessions Of An Abuja Taxi Driver: Some Ladies Offer To Sleep With Me After Rides

By Godfrey George

Ekeson Egwuonwu, a 34-year-old graduate of engineering from Akaeze, Ebonyi State, trended online recently after he was reportedly paid N102,000 for a ride.

Question: You went viral on social media after you said you were paid N102,000 for a single ride by a customer. Can you share how it happened?

Answer: Yes, it is true. A passenger offered me N102,000 for a ride. It began when a particular man ordered a ride on one of the e-hailing services. I was to take him and his mother from a hotel in Gwarinpa to Idu both in Abuja, where he went to check a house that he bought. When we were on the ride, I interacted with them and they shared a lot of things with me that made them so comfortable. I also gave him some tips on how to survive in Abuja since I had been in Abuja myself for over six years; I grew up in Benue State, but I live in Abuja. After the inspection, I took them back to the hotel.
On our way back, they even bought some stuff for me. He promised to call me in the morning the next day to take him to the airport to travel back to London, where he resides. The next day, I took him to the airport and he thanked me and I felt that was it. He paid the normal rates for all the trips. I was shocked when he called me up again three weeks later to go pick up his girlfriend from Makurdi to Abuja, where she would fly back to London, where she is also based. He requested my account number and transferred N102,000 into my account. I was shocked. I almost fainted.

Question: What are the most embarrassing moments you have had on the job?

Answer: I have a lot of them. Chief among them was when I got a call early on Sunday while preparing to go to church from a female rider whom I had driven the previous night. She asked me to come over to her house and have sex with her. She said it explicitly; she didn’t mince words. It was so embarrassing for me. When I called her to ask her what she was on about, she began to narrate stories that didn’t quite connect. I remembered her very well because while on the trip, she was behaving funny but I never gave her consent. That was not the first time. I have had a lot of such messages from ladies asking me for sex after trips. Many times, passengers promised to transfer the money for their rides, but did not do so after alighting. When I called them, they blocked my number. Sometimes, a passenger would be frustrated from home and would just bark at you for asking a simple question. You would have no choice but to soak up all the pressure. It has been a rough ride.

Source: Punch

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