Friday, March 24

Pictures Of The Deserted Streets Of Enugu On Tuesday, 17th May, 2022

By James Eze 


the streets are lonely again today

traffic lights blink with eyes swollen with grief

and the skies are dressed in translucent clouds

to mourn our sudden loss of freedom

silent market squares, empty classrooms

deserted bus stations, forlorn playgrounds 

foreshadow a future festooned with pain

for a society tone deaf with hate

and so we sit-at-home

for one man in chain is a million-consciences in jail

a distraught mother hugs a casket

her son took a bullet & rode the sunset

convinced that nations are born in tears & blood

& life in bondage is life deferred 

and so we sit-at-home

gnashing our teeth to rhythms of sorrow 

seasoning every minute with bitterness

since conversations cannot heal the cracks on our wall

for who mourns when a city dies 

it’s streets and alleyways swollen with blood

it’s monuments made a bonfire to shame

it’s young too purblind to see tomorrow 

who hurts when a nation dies

when elders speak with bifurcated tongues

& children are drunk on wrong philosophies 

who cries when they kill for their gods

and so we sit-at-home & count our losses

because injustice sits on our heads 

in a land where the present leaves the future in ruins

nobody cries when a country dies

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