Friday, March 31

What Could Have Been The Crime Of This Woman And Her Four Innocent Kids Killed By Unknown Gunmen At Isulo, Anambra State On Sunday, 22/05/22?

By Deji Badmus 

I just saw the video of a woman and her four kids who were shot dead at point blank by the so called ‘Unknown Gunmen’ around Isulo community in Anambra State. 

The incident reportedly happened on Sunday, 22nd May, 2022. They were killed in front of St. Charles Catholic Church in the area. I can’t  bear sharing the video. 

But what could have been the crime of this woman and her innocent kids? 

As a parent myself, I feel shattered.  What’s happening in the Southeast, particularly in Anambra State cannot and should not  be allowed to continue. 

This madness has to end by every means possible.

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