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How A Rich Man Promised Me N5M To Be His Gay Partner Before He Could Help Me

By Kenechukwu Onwunzo 

Life doesn’t revolve round anyone. 

In September 2021, l met this rich friend of mine (name withheld) and asked him for help. 

l showed him reasons why he should help me sort out my health issues, which will give me an opportunity to bounce back.

After three days, l got a call from him to meet him, that l will be accompanying him to Abuja.

I said, “Oga, I am not allowed to travel yet”. He agreed!

Then he said, “Kenechukwu, l can make you a millionaire on one condition, if only you will be my baby”.

Goosebumps suddenly popped up all over my skin!  Jesus Christ!!

Sir, “What did you say”, l asked further. 

“Yes, Kenechukwu, you are handsome, every man and woman will love you, be my baby as in ‘gay partner’ and you will be five million Naira richer than your mates”, he said to me. 

Boldness from nowhere enveloped me. “Sir, with due respect, l rather remain on the ground than sin against God and man. Thanks for your attention”, I responded. 

l left this house with joy but on the one hand, I was bleeding seriously inside. On getting home, l soaked myself in tears because that is the only way l could offload my emotions.

“God, why me?”, was my prayer point for the next two nights.

Did my Chi show up? Of course  yes!  He just lifted his little finger.

Life is too deep, Never you envy any glory you are not aware of the story. After two days, l chatted a brother in U.S.A who without hesitation sent me $200. 

That night, four elderly men putting on white, entered my room as usual, l greeted them and they started laughing and clapping for me before they all disappeared. 

l chose to encourage anyone going through hard times never to disappoint God because help is on the way. Hold on! Know the difference between enjoying your youth and destroying your future. 

Tough times never last but tough people do. Success never ending. Failure is never final! 

Kenechukwu Onwunzo writes from Nnewi~North! 24th May, 2022.

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