Sunday, March 26

If PDP Wants To Win The Presidential Election In 2023, Their Hope Is Peter Obi

By Ikechukwu Emeka Onyia

No other aspirant from PDP can create a movement needed by an opposition party to defeat the incumbent APC in 2023.

Imagine Obi/Kwankwanso ticket? it will be a straightforward goal.

But PDP of today lacks strategists. More reasons my likes said goodbye for a party I so much loved. 

PDP has continued to rely on Strategists of 1999-2003 in 2022. They have refused to update.

They have refused to allow new ideas to flow in their party.

They have continued to operate analogue in Social media-driven 21st century politics.

They have refused to open up the party for new ideas.

If they give Nigerians Peter Obi, then they have hope of mining new votes outside their known votes.

But if they decide not to do the needful, they will be defeated so easily on the day.

Buhari could not have won Atiku, Tambuwal, Kwakwanso etc during APC Primaries in 2015, but APC strategists then knew that he has more votes outside their party than every other aspirant. They went for him in other to get votes. That is where Strategists work and not PDP. 

These are my personal views.

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