Sunday, March 26

Peter Obi Has Made His Choice, What About You?

By Paschal Azubuike 

My good people Ndigbo,especially our younger generation,  a typical Igbo should know that  Onye Igbo with true Igbo blood, pedigree and cherished old values for which lgbos are respected, feared or even envied, cannot take any garbage from any quarters especially from quarters.

A breed such as Peter Obis is known to reject a pot of porridge even when he is starving. A visionary and typical Igbo ought to reject tokenism. Whether one likes it or not, Peter Obi is a typical and proud  Igbo son who would rather drown than allow himself to disgrace his race or be made an object of ridicule nor live to be a slave as demonstrated by Igbo slaves who chose to drown in Dunbar Creek, Pennsylvania, USA in 1803, where they were shipped to   work as American plantation slaves. They chose to die enmass by drowning rather than live to be slaves. 

The choice is yours. Some people live and think like ants while others live and think like lions. Decide your preference. Peter has made his choice and that’s where people like me belong, rightly or wrongly. The God we worship is alive and hears our cries for justice. In His own time,  He will wipe our tears. Udo diri unu. 

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