Thursday, March 23

We Love You Dearly Egwubuegwu

By Joy Odinye 

Sweet memories flood my heart, Chukwuemeka m. You loved me a lot. It was not easy for you to leave me. The call was one you could not refuse to answer. But in all things, I give God the glory. He is all knowing. To Him be all the glory. Dikeochiagha!!! Egwubuegwu!!! Ugbondu!!! Chukwuemeka m, keep sleeping in peace and glory. You are forever cherished, my love. 

It has never been the same. I have so many gists for you, Nnaa. At times I cry but when I remember your courage at the ebb moment and where you are now, I wipe my tears and stay strong. On a day like this last year, in the afternoon, you took a bow and joined the saints in glory. You have ran your race and finished your course here on Earth and such was the will of our great God. 

I would have loved to hear you call me Nwanyi mma m, I would have loved to have you stay and see the progress of your daughters in school, I would have loved to continue enjoying your powerful presence at home and everywhere, I would have loved to see you continue to make everybody happy with your great voice!!! But His will must be done.

So many memories fill my heart Nnaa. Egwu m, I remember the day you asked the kids to come and hail me Obidiya, because that was the name you gave me when I joined our kindred’s wife mates’ group, I never knew that very soon I would not hear you call me that. 

So many memories fill my heart. This picture is one of them. It was taken the day I was celebrated in my Department at UNN as the Lady of the Year 2000, a prestigious award that went to any outstanding female student of the English Department in the final year during the Department’s Literary Art Festival. You were there for me and you had consistently supported me to success. I miss you so much. 

Egwu, it has never been the same since you went home but God has never left me and the kids. He has continued to provide and protect us. We are truly in the hollow of His hands. We love you, daddy. Not a day passed without our talking about you. Chisom even pranked me one day when I came back from work. She came to the car and asked me, “Mummy guess who we have here.” I was at loss as to who that could be as we hardly have visitors. When I couldn’t give an answer, she said, “Daddy!!!” We all cried like babies. She told me she missed you badly. I comforted her and God comforted me because I was a broken woman that day. I watch some of the videos of you to be stable at times. I watch your pictures and hail you, “Odogwu m” to feel happy.Your life was so impactful and infectious that myself and the kids could hardly stay a day without mentioning one thing or the other about you.

Chukwuemeka m. I love you like ever just as you loved me and would always call me Okwy and I would call you Chukwuemeka.  Even when our children objected, you told them that that name always made you feel as if we just got married but it was twenty solid years plus!!! You pampered me a lot and made me understand that a man could love a wife selflessly. Nya diba Nnaa!!! 

Egwubuegwu, you have joined the heavenly choir, sing like never before. We are singing His praises here too. There are no words. We love you dearly. Keep resting in His bosom. Welcome another May 27th, a date that will always keep me sober!!! Nothing happens without God’s approval. To God be all the glory.

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