Thursday, March 23

We Will Not Be Second-Class Citizens In Nigeria

By Nyesom Wike 

Like I promised, we’re not going to leave our party for anybody; we will work for our party to win the general election.

Now they understand what I mean when I say that Rivers State cannot be taken for granted; we’re not second citizens in this country.

In Nigeria, three states determine the victory of any party in Nigeria and they’re Lagos, Kano and Rivers State.

It’s unfortunate and very shameful that some of our southern governors who earlier said power should shift to south went to the convention to do a different thing.

I have told Atiku Abubakar that many of those running around him cannot produce result during election.

I have told all them to prepare for the main election, let’s see what they can produce for the party.

In 2019 , most of them negotiated with the APC but I was the only one who said that I wasn’t going to negotiate and I made sure APC did get 25% from Rivers State.

Politics is about what you can offer, most of those who conspired against us out of envy have nothing to offer in their states.

I saw a governor who came to the convention without delegates from his state dancing because I didn’t come first but those I contested with know that we gave them sleepless nights without conspiring with anyone or group.

We went to the election alone believing that our brother governors would keep to our agreement as southern governors but people chose to betray their rejoin. 

The future will judge them…

We have done our own part and we’re proud to have put up a good outing.

Nyesom Wike 

Governor of Rivers State

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