Friday, March 31

Direct Report From The Head Of The Methodist Church Nigeria, Samuel Kanu-Uche On His Experience At The Hands Of Fulani Terrorists Between Ihube, Leru And Isuochi, Boundary Between Imo And Abia States

(1) N100 million Ransome was paid

(2) They were kidnapped as they were descending Leru hill (along the Enugu Portharcourt Expressway)

(3) 8 young Fulani boys conducted the operation 

(4) The leader of the gang is Sudanese but born in Igboland at Amauzukwu Umuahia (parents are dead but were cattle dealers in Umuahia). Leader is fluent in igbo.

(5) Soldiers aided the kidnappers. Fulani  Soldiers were present at the kidnappers den ( a fact that has been repeated by so many kidnapped victims)

(6) They had no food or drink for 12-15 hours

(7) There were odours of decomposing bodies at the site


 Kidnappers indicated that there was no security in igbo land and that they were waiting to make money to buy more arms for fulani brothers to come and join them to take over the land. 

(9) He denies any IPOB or ESN or UGM  involvement. It was fulani terrorists, who speak fluent Igbo.

(10) They were released at Ihube boundary between Imo State and Abia State near the old road

(11) All efforts to release him was done by methodist church Nigeria. The Federal Government of Nigeria did not do anything. 

(12) They had cows as camouflage. 200 cows. 

Listen to the Prelate of the Methodist church and you can see clearly the danger that faces us 

Obadiah malaifa warned us.

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