Sunday, June 11

My Interaction With The Leadership Of The Anambra Muslim Community

My interaction today with the leadership of the Anambra Muslim Community was quite revealing. A people from various parts of the country united in faith and a shared consciousness of the divine, with a rich understanding of our cultural diversity.

Alhaji Ilyasu Yushau is the Sarkin Hausawa in Onitsha (this means the leader of the Hausa community in Onitsha: Picture in first frame). Born 72years ago in Anambra, a proud old Boy of the famous CKC Onitsha. He confesses to owing all he has become to Onitsha, a place he identifies as home. His story is similar to that of majority ndị Igbo living in the North, estimated to be about eleven million. 

I am deeply touched by their deep understanding of the challenges we face as a people, they are not Ignorant of the ploy by criminal elements to cause disaffection through stoking ethnic and religious tension in order to further their criminal enterprise.

We know better, the people now know better. 

The world is made up of two groups of people — the good and the bad. In every ethnic, religious or tribal group you will find this two group of people.

Our government is committed to protecting the lives, properties and rights of all lawful citizens within the State. I swore to do this, and I will keep to it. I look forward to events and programs that will deepen inter-faith/inter-religious harmony in our great State.

We are the Light of the Nation. We cannot be placed under the bushel.

CC. Soludo, CFR.

Governor, Anambra State

1st June, 2022

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