Sunday, May 28

Why I Dumped APGA For Labour Party… Senator Chief Victor Umeh

“At this point of our nation’s history, it is very important that I go to the Senate and represent our people. I have been there before and our people saw what I was able to do.”

 “Labour Party will afford me the opportunity to reunite with my brother Peter Obi again. He called me last Saturday to commiserate with me on my loss of the APGA ticket, and asked me to join Labour Party and let’s team up and work together.

“I immediately resigned from my party (APGA) on the30th of May, 2022, and registered in Labour Party on 31st of May. I will put all my weight and ensure we win. I’m coming from a progressive party, and I have entered another progressive party.

“It has been my dream to have an Igbo man as president and Labour Party joined in that thought and elected an Igbo man as its candidate. I will follow him, campaign for him and make sure that all the candidate of the labour party wins.

“Obi and I have partnered before and we were able to do exploits in politics, and we will do even more exploits this time. This is a divine effort and we will win. We have consulted widely and many stakeholders have asked me to join hands with Peter Obi to contest this election.

“We have decided to put our differences apart and work not just for the good of Anambra but Igboland and Nigeria. He (Obi) is the man who can truly turn Nigeria from a consumption economy to a production economy. My brother Peter can also save for this country because I know what he can do.”


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