Sunday, March 26

Why Biafra Was Formed

By General Alexander Madiebo

“Most people these days agitating or fighting for Biafra, do not really understand what they are fighting for.”

“Biafra was formed to fight against the Igbo marginalisation that got to the stage that threatened their human existence.”

“I have escaped death very narrowly more than 10 times or more. I have seen death inches away. It took me 18 days to travel from Kaduna to Enugu by foot, by train, so when I talk about what happened then that warranted Biafra, it was not child’s play. Biafra was total resistance against possible extinction of the Igbo and that was not a joke, it was survival. Because of the genocide, pogrom against Ndigbo all we needed was to form resistance and you can’t form resistance as part of Nigeria.”

General Alexander Madiebo, 13 September 2020 (Interview with Daily Sun Newspaper)

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