Thursday, March 23

Na Who Dey Alive Dey Hustle

By Tobenna Obiano 

There was no time to wait for a taxi. I needed to get going already. 

I jumped unto the available motorbike. Sadly, what was available, was an Aboki okada man.

This guy began well and wasn’t speeding. We got to the major road, he increased a little. I called him to order, and he reduced his pace.

Next thing, a Lexus car was crossing over. I saw it clearly from a distance, believed this rider had sense. Instead of giving way for the Lexus to cross over, then continue. 

Can you believe what Aboki did, he fired-on. In shock and anxiety, I screamed, “see motor”.

Next thing, he hit directly on the front passenger door of the car, destroying it and the side mirror.

Okada man sustained serious injuries, open wound. I managed to strive to almost “fly” unto the car while it happened. But, as the driver pressed on his breaks, the Okada and us fell entirely on my left leg. 

I managed to hold forth my laptop bag and it’s contents, and my iPhone. However, I let my power bank and iPhone cable fall freely. 

I was down there in pain, but I was quick to respond, and got up and out of the road. 

I managed to push the motorbike aside, stood up from the ground and went to a corner to sit, holding my laptop bag and phone firmly.

Sometimes, these are avoidable accidents, but these Abuja aboki(s) would foolishly push us right into it. 

Even my office that I was rushing to, I canceled. The haste that I was in, everything dawned on me.

I had to patiently book a Bolt ride, waited until it arrived, then  I redirected, and set out to the bank.

Finished from one, went to another bank, then picked yet another Bolt ride, went to Oloye food mart, and bought food. 

I canceled every other schedule for the day, and have now returned to my base. 

They cannot kill me for my mother and my future wife, never. While God forbids it, I forbid it too. 

Na like this person dey even take die sef. Thank God for survival. 

I even wore a set of beautiful collection.The colorful shirt, the Jean trousers and sneakers didn’t even matter again. My greatest saving grace was my pair of Jean trousers, if not for it, bruises would’ve occurred all over.

I’ve gotten pain killers already.

I have deep heat spray handy in my luggage and have applied it.

I’m racing back to my abode to feed, take the medication and rest.

Na who dey alive, dey hustle. 

Today, let’s thank God for life.

Let’s live, to continue another time. 

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