Thursday, March 23

There Is No Success Without Labour

By Don Ebubeogu

“The blessing of the LORD brings wealth, without painful toil for it” – Proverb 10:20

The above was an extract from the Bible that the Pastor/Reverend picked as the topic of his sermon. He admonished the congregation and warned them to stop worrying about wealth but look forward to the fulfilment of this verse in their lives.

The Pastor told the people of God that your energies will not make you prosperous, only the promise of God will make you rich and successful. For stupendous riches are from God while hustling will only put food on your table, thus says the Pastor.

Three years after, when the Pastor visited the city for another Christmas crusade, he saw Emeka outside his hotel. Emeka was an Usher and a member of the protocol when the Pastor came for the first crusade. Emeka has been homeless and out of business. He stays in front of the hotel to beg for food and money.

The Pastor didn’t recognize him when he was sharing money with the beggars outside the hotel.

When he reached Emeka who was ashamed of introducing himself to the Pastor, he asked him, “Aren’t you feeling cold outside, and you’re not even wearing a Sweater like others!” Emeka replied, “I don’t have a Sweater but I’m used to the cold”.

The Pastor replied, “wait for me. I’ll just go into the hotel and get you a Sweater.”

Emeka was so happy and said he will wait for the Pastor.

The Pastor got into the hotel and met the resident Pastor and the Local Government Chairman who came to discuss the problem with the approval of his new church, he got busy there and forgot about his promise to give Emeka a jacket to fight the cold.

The following morning, he remembered the promise he made to Emeka and went out to find him but found him dead due to the cold.

Emeka left a letter for the Pastor saying, “3 years ago when you told us that we do not have to toil to be rich, I stopped working extra hours and waited upon the Lord, instead I ended here as a beggar. When I had no warm clothes, I had the mental strength to fight the cold, but when you promised to help me with your spare Sweater, I clung to your promise and it killed my mental power over cold.”

Emeka continued, “in your sermon you never mentioned Psalm 128; you shall eat the fruit of the labour of your hands; you shall be blessed, you also ignored Psalm 90 that said, Let the favour of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands!”.

Emeka died but not without knowing that THERE IS NO SUCCESS WITHOUT LABOUR and that God can only bless the work of your hands, not the seat of your pants.


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