Thursday, March 23

No One Should Begrudge Peter Obi This Moment

By Jude Atupulazi

Honestly no one should begrudge Obi his moment. He’s really worked for it in a way no one has. Eight years out of power, yet he’s more popular than those in power. Is it guile? Is it pure statesmanship? Whatever it is, he sure knows how to project himself and penetrate the consciousness of people.

Today Obi visited RCCG and The Lord’s Chosen.

His visit to RCCG in particular is not lost on us. It’s a church owned by a powerful western pastor that enjoys a large Yoruba followership too. If there were those undecided about entering his bandwagon be sure they made up their minds to do so today. What about the other church that wears vests? The Lord’s Chosen? Those people once they decide to follow you, will do so to the end.

While his opponents are still basking in the euphoria of their emergence as their parties’ standard bearers, Obi has already hit the road with subtle campaigns. The response has been humongous and it’s morning yet on creation day. Just imagine how the picture will be by December.

For now the storm is gathering. From a cyclone it will turn to a hurricane and become tsunamic just before the elections. Everyone knows by now that it’s no more in Obi’s hands. Where will this journey lead to? Only God can tell. We are watching.

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