Friday, March 24

Amansea/Ugwuoba Highway Of Horror

By Kenechukwu Onwunzo

l saw hell today, Tuesday, 14th June, 2022. From Stanel petrol station up to Amansea was gridlocked for hours. Passengers had to come down from their vehicles and trekked in order to meet up with their appointments.

l spent three hours on this holdup. How will a sick patient survive this kind of bad road on a federal highway, at a time like this?

Some have died, some may barely have managed to survive through the deathtrap at Amansea junction to Ugwuoba.

For the first time in my life, you need to see me shed tears uncontrollably over today’s wickedness from our leaders.

What is your experience on that road?

Kenechukwu Onwunzo

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