Saturday, March 25

The Movement For Peter Obi Is A Melting Point Of Tribes, Religions And Regions

By Rev. Father Vitus Ugwu

PETER OBI-for-president-movement is a continuation and renewal of the Lekki Toll Gate spirit. This movement is a melting point of tribes, religions and regions. It started first at Lekki Toll Gate as far as our era is concerned. At that gate, there was no religion or region recognized as such but Nigerians. There were Christians, Moslems and people of other faith at the Gate, but they gathered first and foremost as Nigerians. At that Gate, Christians formed human shields round their Moslem brothers and sisters when the latter said their Jumat prayers on Friday. At that Gate, Nigerian youths healed our ethno-religious divisions with their determination. It was at that Gate that a rebirth of Nigerian consciousness became a reality.

The movement for the election of Peter Obi as president of Nigeria is a struggle by our disillusioned youths to reset Nigeria. The movement started at the Lekki Toll Gate and today, it is has assumed a new and positive dimension in the ongoing movement for Peter to be President of Nigeria. The Lekki spirit has successfully spread through Nigeria via Obi-movement.

I call on the army of Jobless youths, Students affected by strike, and those who groan for the restoration of Nigeria to stage a repeat of the toll gate commitment and non-violent resistance where they find themselves. Commitment to this course and non-violent resistance to naysayers and paid pro-false (prophets) of doom. Given the years we have together spent in our cave of endless sorrow as a nation, we must expect doubting brothers and sisters who think it impossible for the paradigmatic shift we now hope in Peter Obi.

Fellow Nigerian youths and those who have waited with bated breadth for the rebirth of Nigeria of our dreams, let us resolve to sustain this movement even after we have made Obi our President. For the sake of those who lost their lives at Lekki Toll Gate, we need to unite for this common goal of drumming our support for Peter Obi in whom we see the answers to our unanswered prayers at Lekki Toll Gate. May we convince our fallen heroes that we did not disperse after they were shot.

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