Sunday, May 28

Thank You My Dear Friends, Supporters And Well Wishers

By Mark Okoye

In the last three months, my team and I have been through our most challenging and intriguing experience in my public service career. As the last chapter closed, I felt the new chapter ought to be one that held me directly accountable to the people. Hence, I put myself forward to serve the people with the best of intentions, knowing fully well, if I was successful, I would bring-forth positive and disruptive change to my constituency.

I am hopeful that the 10th Assembly of the House of Reps will be the youngest Cohort yet. If this is accurate, it is of URGENT importance that such a House presents a completely unique approach to legislative representation to Nigerians, especially to our young vibrant population who are fast-losing hope in the Nigerian Dream. My candidacy promised the Dunukofia, Njikoka and Anaocha (DNA) federal constituency – Transparency, Accountability, Prudence, Honesty, IDEAS, HARDWORK and HOPE.

However, as I shared in my previous message, our Primaries was declared inconclusive, though I was looking forward to a rerun… the Party’s (APGA) hierarchy has made a decision to give the ticket to Hon. Pete Ibida, the Chief Whip of the Anambra State House of Assembly. I hereby congratulate him and wish him well in his campaigns and future election.

To my supporters and well wishers, I wish we could have brought this home but as always, God’s plan and timing is the BEST. Thank you for believing in me and your endless support. I want to assure you that my passion for good governance and socio-economic development is unshaken. I firmly believe that our generation needs to play a stronger role if we are to truly transform our country and bring Nigeria into the modern age – we ALL have a role to play.

Let me also use this medium to congratulate my peers and friends who were successful in their Primaries, my prayers and support are with you always – To build a prosperous Nigeria for US by US, must be the overarching goal.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be consulting my supporters, advisers, mentors and family as we think through the next step.

Thank you & God bless, always,

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